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Catalyzing Innovation

We are an Innovation Strategy and Investment firm that exists to catalyse a culture and ecosystem of Daring Innovation, Visionary Leadership and Purpose driven Entrepreneurship across the globe.

Our vision is to be the incubator of the world’s most Daring, Innovative and Purposeful leaders and Entrepreneurs

Our mission is to identify, improve and invest in daring, visionary and purpose driven social and business Innovators. Coaching, mentoring and positioning them to create wealth and make positive impact in the communities and markets in which they operate.



Business Innovation

Develop new products, services and business models.

Customer Obsession

Understand your customer’s unsaid needs and aspirations.

Talent Mining

Identify & on-board young leaders with a proven track record.


Innovative Leadership

Develop your innovative leadership potential.

Culture Creation

Build an Intrapreneurial and Innovation driven culture.

Investment Readiness

Identify the right Investors and strategic partners

Our Values: Purpose, Innovation, Vision & Impact

We Serve Fearless Leaders

–          Ambitious, Daring and visionary intrapreneurs/entrepreneurs who are seeking for new ways to improve themselves, innovate their business models, scale their organizations, and inspire their teams to reach their full potential.

–          Companies, organizations, institutions and governments seeking to invest in creating cultures of Innovation and Entrepreneurship their organizations, communities and countries.

Irene Ikarede Etyang

Irene Ikarede Etyang

Founder and Executive Director , Akimaa Africa, Kenya

I have known Chico to be this one God oriented Entrepreneur who believes that there is potential in everyone no matter how many times one might have failed in life.

He can transform anything to meet his need. Meeting him challenged me to always think of innovative ways that I can meet any need that might arise during my day to day work.

He made me believe that you can only win if you set your mind to winning and not failing.

Solomon Obeng

Solomon Obeng

CEO Laoban Company, Ghana

Chico and his book “Start With-In to Start Winning’ encouraged me as a trainer and a facilitator to always start my coaching and empowerment programs from within because when you create a strong mind, no one can defeat  you with their actions, inactions, belief systems, words and ideologies.

Muthoni Waigwa

Muthoni Waigwa

CoFounder/Content Creator at Nifty Works Plus Ltd. Kenya

Having gone through Chico’s classes at YALI, I am among the privileged few who got to interact with him and gain nuggets of wisdom on my personal and entrepreneurship journey.

To win in life, changes need to be made. It all starts from with-in. I need to look within myself to identify areas that I need to change. 

Just like his book title: Start With-In to Start Winning, I can only begin to see continuous victories in my life when I consistently seek to change with-in.

our Innovations

In our quest to lead the innovation revolution accross different sectors, we have created our own customer centric and unique purpose driven products and brands. 

Let's Innovate your business & Change The World.
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